Political correctness gone mad…

Well actually, my title is ironic.

A teacher of a Year 1 class in Sydney has been sacked by the education department for posing nude with her husband and talking about their sex life in the sealed section of Cleo. You can read more here. This isn’t of course, political correctness as lambasted by the right wing, but a ridiculous overreaction by the Education Department.

As she said herself, if she was a high school teacher, what she did might have been inappropriate, as her pupils might read it. But a parent of any Year 1 pupil reading the Cleo sealed section should be first criticising the person who gave it to them (after celebrating their excellent reading) before criticising a familiar person for being included.

But apparently some parents (of children aged around 6) complained that their child’s teacher revealed herself to be a sexual being in a loving and committed relationship in a magazine aimed at teenagers.