I had a to make a speech at work today to six hundred odd people – a new record for me. I’ve got better at speeches over the years, but they still have about the level of excitement of going to the dentist.

The person managing the event (I was one of a few speakers) insisted on a rehearsal for everyone. We all resisted – had to be dragged into the room for a test. It’s funny how much worse it seems to give the speech as a practice in front a few people who have your best interests at heart than the actual real event.

Of course, as always, I finished up realising how much better my speech was after serious rehearsal, rather than a bit of mumbling into a mirror. Once again, I’ve resolved that I will always rehearse important speeches and presentations in future. But I fear that my iron will will falter next time, as I will find excuses about how wonderfully prepared I am.

So I’m writing this to remind myself.