Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

This morning, first thing, I cycled around to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and back. The city was just waking up, with volunteers out early getting ready for various Australia Day events. There were bunches of volunteers meticulously sweeping the streets ready for the Australia Day 10k wheelchair race.

There were queues of vintage cars patiently waiting to turn into Macquarie St to get to Hyde Park for their vintage car rally (with their 60 something drivers debating whether they were allowed to carry their Australian flags – really I think that silly banning of the flag at the Big Day Out has done more harm than good).

And there were lots of people in wetsuits at the Opera House getting ready for the surfboard race over to McMahons Point.

I lost energy about 300m before the end – unfortunately still with a hill to climb to get home. Not especially fast, but I do feel as if I’ve had some exercise.

Happy Australia Day!

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  1. January 26, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    We were out first thing too, but we went to the celebrations in Parramatta Park. There were a few vintage cars there although parked, without drivers. I love vintage car rallies! That is an idea for next year.

    I worried for a moment about giving Kiko an Australian flag to hold – the hoo-haa in the press made me question something I wouldn’t normally question. The Australian flag has always had very positive associations for me but today I thought for a moment: “Am I turning him into a nationalist?!” Then I thought: “Silly!” and gave it to him (and he promptly tried to eat it). I’m so proud that he’s Australian – my baby’s a different nationality to me! (But maybe not for long if this year goes to plan).

    Happy Australia Day too!

  2. January 27, 2007 at 5:52 pm

    A flag is a flag is a flag. Though I have very mixed feelings about the UK one and utter negativity towards the St George’s cross. I think it’s different where (at its best) its something that tries to pull a lot of differences together. Not something that the British flags have a history of.

    I’m so impressed by the amount of exercise going on! I sometimes think that it’s a pity that the English are so messed up about our nationality – to have a genuine national celebration day like Independence Day or Australia day must be quite nice.

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