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Book Review: Not Guilty by Nicolette Rubinsztein


Today’s book review is Not Guilty, by Nicolette Rubinsztein. This book, by an actuary, is about managing a career while being a working mother. So it was pretty much essential that I review it here, where I often write about work, family and even actuarial issues. Nicolette and I have also been colleagues for much of the last ten years, so I’m not completely unbiased as a reviewer. Rubinzstein structures her book around the McKinsey 7 S Strategic Framework for managing the strategy of a company – looking at managing a career as a working mother as an organisational challenge. McKinsey’s framework is about managing an organisation – it’s a fabulous intuitive leap to use it as a way of managing your work and home life. The framework has seven essential factors, as shown in the diagram below. The core is about shared values. The book mostly contains strategic advice, for the successful…