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One of my most visited posts is about the likelihood of ships disappearing without a trace. Sadly it is getting renewed attention because a huge Korean cargo ship has disappeared off the coast of South America. So far only two of the 24 crew members have been found. It is true that ships are far more likely to disappear than aeroplanes. In 2015, according to the definitive review, the Allianz safety and shipping review, there were 85 total shipping losses, which continued a downward trend from the past few years. But a total loss doesn’t mean that a ship disappears without a trace. In the ten years from 2006-2015, there were 1,231 total shipping losses of large ships (over 100 gross tonnes). Only three of those were “missing, overdue” – a less dramatic phrase than “disappeared without a trace”. Since 2002, there have been seven, but the last of these was in…